A Physics-Based Game Creation System
by Alec Rivers


Physical is a game creation system based on the foundation of an innovative 2D physics engine. Its main features include:

  • Incorporated functionality for graphics, keyboard handling, and game flow

  • A framework that provides a direct mapping from game design to game programming

  • Interchangeable, reusable parts

    • Interactive game elements from any game can be used in any other game

    • This includes reusing not just model and image files, but the actual dynamics that make a plane fly or a gun shoot

    • This allows for the creation of a common library of freely downloadable game elements: the Repository

  • An included object editor

  • A new kind of physics engine that naturally handles object deformation - things can bend, break, flow, and explode

For more information about Physical, read the Overview.
To get a look at the physics engine in action, check out the Screenshots.
Get Physical or an example game in the Downloads section.
Browse the Repository and take a look at the game elements that will be available for you to use, for free, in your own game.