A Physics-Based Game Creation System
by Alec Rivers



Physical's help file
A good read if you want to know more about Physical without downloading the library. Includes an overview of the engine, a tutorial, and a reference section.

Includes everything you need to get started with Physical: the library, the help file, and the Physical Asteroids example game.

Example Games

Physics Engine Demos
Five demos of the physics engine from before Physical was created. Includes two levels from an example game, Physical War, and a mock up of a GUI demonstrating breakable, bendable, and rigid objects in one setting (Demo 5).

Physical Asteroids
Started off as an Asteroids clone, became something different. Demonstrates programming a top-down game with Physical, object creation and loading, many included interaction elements, and static objects.

Physical Rampage
The beginning of a Rampage clone. Shows off object destruction, AI, atom levels, and several included interaction elements.