Alec Rivers: Projects

Résumé: May 9 2007

  Summary: Here are the major projects I have worked on over the past eleven years. Work done for employers is not included in this list; I only list projects done in my free time. (Check my résumé for info on jobs I have held.) Where you see a magnifying glass, you can click on the screenshot to see a larger version.



College Years


New algorithm for the simulation of deforming, fracturing soft bodies


Fracturing soft body physics engine based on original research

New Approach to
Physical Simulation

First version of soft body physics in 3D


2D physics programming library

Saiko Pansa
Fight Fight Revolution

Student game with physics-based fighting


High School Years

Physical War

Side-scrolling action game using 2D physics engine

Physics Engine

Fracturing soft body physics in 2D

Sopwith IV

A remake of the classic "Sopwith" series of games